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Dry Charge Batteries

  •  Designed for high-performance vehicles with extremely high power demands
  •  Exceptional cold cranking power up to 122%
  •  Exceeds Original Equipment (OE) requirements
 Dry-Charged Batteries 
 Battery Type   Vehicle Wise Application 
 Generator Series 
 SUPER 10   Generator/Rickshaw 
 Silver+ Series 
 S50+   Suzuki Car/Van/Pickup/Subaru Car/Van/Pickup, Charade Petrol 800cc-1000cc 
 CR65L+   Toyota, Nissan (Datsun), Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda 800cc - 1300cc 
 S65+   Toyota, Nissan(Datsun), Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda Santro Plus 1000cc-1600cc
 S65L+   Datsun 120Y, Mazda 1600, Mitsubishi Lancer 1500 1200 cc- 1600 
 S75+  Honda Accord, Charade (Diesel), Honda Civic 1000cc-2000cc 
 S85Z+  Datsun, Toyota Mark II, Toyota Crown, Toyota Cressida, Toyota Corolla, Mercerdes Benz (Petrol) Willys Jeep, MF375 Tractor 2000cc- 4000cc 
 NS95+   Datsun, Toyota Mark II, Toyota Crown, Toyota Cressida, Toyota Corolla, Mercerds Benz (Petrol) Willys Jeep, Isuzu JCR520z, Daewoo/Hyundai, Toyota Hiace, 2000cc-6000cc* THICK PLATES 
 S100A+   Special Design for Toyota Corolla Diesel, 2000cc-3000cc 
 S105+   TV Sets , Amplifiers (Loud speakers, Tape recorders) Telephone Exchanges, Willys Jeep 2000cc-6000cc 
 V110Z+   Toyota Hiace Diesel, Mercedes Benz (Petrol), Isuzu Bus JCR 520Z, Massey Ferguson Tractor, MF 210, Cruise Toyota Hilux, Nissan Diesel, Pick-up, Ford 1910 Tractor, 2000cc-6000cc 
 Platinum Series 
 Platinum T-125 S   Fiat Tractor 450/480, IMT 540 Tractor Massey Ferguso Tractor 240/265, Ford Wagons, Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, John Deers 500 Talshen TS-25 Tractor, LG Tractor, 2000cc-6000cc 
 Platinum T-135 S 
 Platinum T-140 S 
 Platinum T-150 S 
 Platinum T-180 S   Isuzu Trucks, Mersedes Benz Trucks, Hino Trucks ZH-100, Fiat Tractor 640, Isuzu JCR, Isuzu JCR 460R, 3000cc-6000cc 
 Platinum T-190 S   Fiat-Tractor 640, Hino Truck & Buses, Hino Bowze, Russian Tractor, Isuzu Diesel Buses, Mazda Coaster, 
 T-3000, Isuzu TD 72, Road Roller, Bulldozers 3000cc-12000cc 
 Platinum T-210 S 
 Platinum T-225 S   Generator Set, Road Roller, Bulldozers, 3000cc-Above 
 Platinum T-250 S 
 Platinum T-270 S 
 Ford 3600 & Ford 4000 
 6LT190   Fiat-Tractor 640, Hino Truck & Buses, Hino Bowze, Fiat Tractor, Isuzu Diesel Buses, Fiat Buses 331, 3000cc-12000cc
 CNG Batteries 
 CNG-55L   Suzuki Car/Van/Pickups 800cc-1300cc 
 CNG-65L   Toyota Nissan (Datsun), Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda 800cc-1300cc 
 Gold Series 
 IPS 800   Home and Office use 
 IPS Gold-1250 
 IPS Gold-1500 
 IPS Gold-2000